When you know, you know

Remember when people would tell you that you’d know when you found The One? It happened to me last month. Suddenly, with no warning, I fell fast and hard for Botkier handbags — until the pure supple lambskin-y, design-y perfection of them was too much for me to handle.

I first saw them online during a sale. On sale they were about $475, so I hemmed and hawed about the Botkier Bianca until they were sold out. I then proceeded to kick myself for missing out, for the Biancas are nowhere to be found on the primary market, and I began scouring eBay for them, losing several auctions in the last 5 seconds because apparently other Botkier obsessed are faster typers than I am. Determined not to be defeated yet again, I actioned on a Buy It Now for the Sophie bag in Raisin (pictured), which is now in my possession. It arrived at my door during a particularly bad my-career-is-in-the-toilet-now-that-I-have-kids kind of day, and as my friend Jenny so aptly pointed out, it would match perfectly with the bottle of vodka I’d be carrying.

Still outbid though on the Botkier Bianca (I wanted it in nude snakeskin), I desperately settled and pulled another Buy It Now on a Cherry colored one. That one is coming on Tuesday, the day before I leave town (it also involved begging the seller to expedite the bag so I’d get it before I left). I then set an auto-search on eBay to show me daily all the new Botkiers that were on the market. This has resulted in two additional bids for Botkiers, as well as a membership in The Purse Forum.

And I can’t stop talking about them. I dragged a gay co-worker into critiquing a few I was considering. I email my friend Alice (who just gave birth two days ago) updates and opinion requests. It is truly an illness. Weirdest part is that I was never that into bags.

But then I made a startling discovery: there seem to be a bunch of purse addicts out there, who buy new purses, carry them for a couple of weeks, and then stow them in their original dust covers with their authentication tags, and resell them on eBay once they’re back in season again. Brilliant! I felt enabled. Like I had an excuse to buy more bags.

Continuing to troll the net for Botkiers, I stumbled upon the Chloes. Whoa. If Botkiers were my Ivana Trump, Chloes are my Marla Maples. So I’m just waiting for those Koobas to hit me over the head…



  • July 27, 2008 - 5:32 PM | Permalink

    thanks for your words of encouragement. pretty sure i share you passion for Botkier and Biancas. I have this rare sophie over the shoulder purse in a nudish/gray that i have been hording for myself b/c i’m not sure i can part with it…. i must say though, i don’t like some of the newer botkier styles. and don’t really like the botkier for target styles either. the trigger and biancas are my absolute favs. completely obsessions. my friends at barneys tell me the monica is no longer making the bianca. let’s hope that’s a lie…

  • July 28, 2008 - 8:38 PM | Permalink

    oooh which medium biancas are you hoarding? can you tell i’m a tad obsessed? lol. i also love the sasha. do you hold any of those? monica’s company is growing rapidly, but unfortunately the future is looking rather bleak in my opinion. the gladiator is kind of cute. the shoes are a problem. she should just keep remixing the biancas and triggers with diff colors and what not…

    i would love to learn more about the business you were in…i’m enjoying our cross-blog conversation, but if you’d rather email, my address is val@valstyleonline.com 🙂

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