Eugenia Kim


Since my hairdresser’s been on maternity leave, and I’ve had two traumatic cuts that I’ve had to fix up by myself afterwards (my haircutting skills are pretty much on par with my knitting skills — ok from afar, but a little scary up close), I’ve been a little obsessed with hats. I’ve noticed that even in winter here, I seem to be the only person wearing knit hats. Ok, nevermind the fact that it’s 65 degrees and sunny on a cold day, or that I’ve been getting headaches from overheating my head, but hats are cute! And they look a lot better than my hair does nowadays.
I’ve always been an admirer of Eugenia Kim, the hat designer. I love the fact that her business started from an attempt to hide a bad haircut (yes, that in particular resonates with me), and that she’s very accident-prone (see the Design Philosophy section). I have a particular affinity for knit hats, and of those in her collection, I’m a fan of the Heather cable knit hat. Being knitty myself, I love the chunkiness of it and the way she’s able to put a little edge into cables, which can often come off as being a little too precious. I am also impressed with the fact that she can charge $190 for the hat, which is about as much as I would have to pay someone to wear one of mine. Here’s more on Eugenia if you’re interested. It’s a good thing for us that she didn’t become a doctor (nevermind the accident-prone thing).

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