Melaleuca and My New Non-Toxic Life

After a couple of months of dry-heaving from stress, I’ve started to re-examine my life and have decided that I should really focus on the living part.  One thing that’s helped me feel a little more sane is de-cluttering and streamlining.

Enter Melaleuca, The Wellness Company.  A co-worker of mine recently introduced me to the products.  They’re non-toxic, concentrated (and thus space-saving: I took back four ginormous bottles of toxic cleaners like Cascade and Jet Dry that I could barely carry — and a single normal-sized bottle of Melaleuca’s Diamond Brite did the job far better), effective (who knew natural products could be even better than harsh chemicals?) and economical (much, much less expensive than buying non-toxic products through regular retail channels).  A lot of the products serve multiple purposes, like the Tough & Tender all-purpose cleaner, which is also a fruit and veggie spray, or their toothpaste, which can also be used to polish silver.  Their vitamins are far superior to grocery store brands — I started getting up early to do yoga in the mornings — and my husband asked that I buy him some of these vitamins because he’s never seen me with this much energy!  No more headache-inducing fumes after the cleaners come, no more giant Costco containers that don’t fit on my shelves, and no more paying extra for companies’ advertising and distribution costs (Melaleuca is customer-referral-only, so you get better value).

I’ve still got a long way to go before I’m as streamlined as Jay Shafer, who is apparently making it all work in a 89 square foot home — and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get there (where would I put all my handbags?).   But this is a pretty good start. 


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    I’m stalking you from another county! Yes, that’s how much I like you:) Anyway, I do Melaceuca and love it. Well, that’s a lie. I canceled my membership (not because I didn’t like it), but have a stockpile of it. I dread the day I run out of the toothpaste and tough and tender. Fear. Also, I’ve found the Diamond Brite does the BEST job on my dishes in the washer–I’m new to using the dishwasher (don’t ask) and was having the worst time trying to figure it out! I’m stopping now.

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    Wow, thanks for reading! I was about to change this from “blog” to “diary” but now I can just start writing, “Dear Danielle:”. Not to worry, my mom hasn’t adopted the dishwasher yet, so can’t take advantage of Diamond Brite. Their skincare / cosmetics are actually quite good too — the tinted moisturizer and the anti-aging serum — I’m sure they don’t want me to represent them in any way, but they’re pretty good. Happy new year!

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