Amora Mustard

I’ve mentioned a few times before that one of the best pieces in my arsenal is Amora dijon mustard from France — there is simply no other mustard available on the American market that compares (the one that comes closest is Maille — but still it has too much sweetness and not enough kick. Maille seems to sell a different recipe to the American market than the European market. Maille, please stop that!).

This mustard forms the basis of a lot of deliciousness, from creating the perfect vinaigrette to the sauce for chicken dishes. People who don’t even like mustard love this mustard. It has Ryan Gosling-like powers.

My primary sources to date have been:

  • Asking my in-laws to smuggle me some from France (involves physical and  psychological burden)
  • Buying them from questionable vendors at the farmer’s market ($12, with uncertainty on whether or not the jars are fewer than 5 years old)
  • Getting them from Amazon ($9 base price; $14.50 including shipping)

But today I discovered a more cost effective source: Simply Gourmand, a New York-based importer of French goods. Here you can get a family-sized jar of Amora for $4.90. The ground shipping is about $8.50 to where I live, so I spread out the cost by ordering five jars at a time (yes,  I use it that frequently). I placed an order today and my total for 5 jars was $33, or $6.60 per jar including shipping. Je l’aime bien!

Let’s start a mustard revolution. Let’s move forward and say no to the pukey yellow squeeze-bottled ball game mustard with extra refined sugars! Equal mustard rights for Americans, I say!

But first, try the mustard. We’ll take it from there.


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